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Kaspersky Standard Internet Security 2022 - 1YR, 3 Device (Download)
    Kaspersky Standard Internet Security 2022 - 1YR, 3 Device (Download)
    Purchase Kaspersky Standard Internet Security 2022 - 1YR, 3 Device (Download)
    • SKU: KIS2103122USZZ
      Kaspersky Standard Internet Security 2022 - 1YR, 3 Device (Download)

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    Your online activity & privacy covered
    Protect your browsing, shopping, chats & data across your PC, Mac & Android devices. Get award-winning antivirus plus a range of tools built to guard your private life and identity. It also includes:

    • Free VPN with up to 300 MB of traffic per day
    • Safe Money Browser to encrypt your online payments & transactions
    • Webcam Protection to stop unauthorized access to your webcam

    Full-scale protection from cyberthreats
    Our three-layer defense engine works tirelessly to guard your devices and data. It blocks common threats like viruses and malware plus complex ones like spy apps, cryptolockers & XSS attacks.

    • Proactive detection- Searches out device vulnerabilities & threats
    • Real-time protection- Blocks cyberthreats before they take hold
    • Instant neutralization- Isolates & removes immediate dangers

    Anti-ransomware & network security controls stop hackers infiltrating your home network & stealing your data.

    Real-time antivirus guards you from common threats like worms & trojans. Plus sophisticated ones like botnets & rogues.

    Advanced anti-malware blocks dangers including keyloggers, adware, spear phishing, rootkits & man-in-the-middle attacks.

    Ultra-reliable privacy protection
    • Get online privacy & freedom with VPN
    • Encrypt your data on risky public Wi-Fi
    • Hide your IP address, even from your ISP
    • Ensure your online actions aren't logged
    • Unlock content from all around the world

    Protect your money, identity & privacy
    • Make payments via an encrypted browser
    • Stop identity thieves with Anti-Phishing
    • Prevent keyloggers from recording your keystrokes
    • Lock your Android apps with extra security

    What's inside Kaspersky Internet Security?

    Anti-Virus Defense
    Multi-level protection built to identify, isolate & remove all types of malware.

    Real-Time Antivirus
    Continuously scans your Mac and PC for cyberthreats including viruses, worms, Trojans, cryptolockers, rootkits and spyware. Guarding you from established online threats, as well as new and emerging dangers.

    Automatic Exploit Prevention (Windows Only)
    Identifies complex network exploits across your PC. This includes the detection of the EternalBlue and SMBloris exploits, both of which can crash operating systems and make your computers unusable.

    Trojan Remover (Windows Only)
    Searches out and extracts Trojan horse viruses and internet worms that clog up your PC and negatively affect its performance. This is done automatically so there's no need for you to manually edit system files.

    Instant Threat Detection
    Delivers real-time, non-stop analysis of files, applications and websites across your Mac and PC. Safeguarding you and your data with rapid threat detection and resolution.

    Prevent hackers breaking into your devices & exploiting your data for their gain.

    Two-Way Firewall (Windows Only)
    Helps you prevent hacker attacks against your PC by providing you with both incoming and outgoing network request detection. Enabling you to view, assess and manage every inbound and outbound connection that's made.

    Payment Protection
    Works on your Mac and PC by diverting you to a bank-grade protected browser when you make an online transaction. Preventing your credit card details and financial data getting intercepted by hackers.

    Anti-Ransomware (Windows Only)
    Monitors your PC in real-time to identify activity that matches ransomware behaviour. This enables suspicious activity to be blocked instantly, stopping ransomware attacks from locking you out of your machines.

    App Lock
    Lets you protect apps on your Android devices by locking them with hack-proof security. Once you protect an app, it can only be unlocked with a private PIN code, by drawing a secret pattern or with your fingerprint.

    High-Tech Protection
    High-tech scanning detects complex threats like hard-to-detect fileless attacks.

    Malicious Link Detector
    Works by referencing data from the Kaspersky Security Network to analyse links on webpages you open, informing you about malicious web addresses and colour coding individual URLs based on their threat level.

    Malware Defender (Windows Only) - Improved
    Guards your PC from a range of dangerous and sophisticated malware. It now blocks previously impossible-to-detect fileless malware that are written directly to your PC's RAM rather than to its hard drive.

    Trusted Application Mode (Windows Only)
    Lets only those applications you've previously identified as trustworthy run on your PC. Any other application that tries to boot up on your machine is automatically suppressed.

    Custom Hardened Browser
    Triggers screen alerts if you attempt to visit sites considered dangerous or potentially dangerous. It makes this assessment using a list of sites that have been attacked previously, and asks you if you wish to proceed or not.

    Privacy Tools
    Scramble your browsing history & online data while blocking webcam spies & stalker apps.

    Encrypts data you send and receive with a 128-bit AES cipher, preventing criminals from stealing your emails, photos and bank details. Plus it hides your IP address so your browsing can't be tracked, not even by your ISP.

    Guards you from spoof sites and emails created by cybercriminals to steal your identity. It identifies sophisticated scams and sends you warning alerts if phishing activity is detected.

    Privacy Browsing
    Blocks the websites and social network platforms you visit on your Mac and PC from tracking your activities and collecting your private data. Preventing them from targeting you with annoying and intrusive ads.

    Webcam Protection
    Stops unauthorized access to your webcam so nobody can watch you in your home. It alerts you when an app tries to use your website, and lets you block unwanted ones or grant permission to trusted ones.

    Home Protection
    Features designed to protect you when you use your home Wi-Fi network & peripherals.

    Remote Access Tool Security
    Protects you from hackers gaining control of your PC remotely through the use of RATs (Remote Access Tools). Identifies RATs and allows you to set up a list of RATs your trust, while blocking all others.

    Network Attack Defender
    Scans inbound traffic activity for signs of network attacks. Upon detecting an attack, it blocks network activity from the attacking computer for one hour and sends you an alert with the option of blocking it for longer.

    Ad Blocker (Windows Only)
    Stops annoying website banners and potentially malicious ads showing on your Windows PC. If you are happy to be served ads by particular sites, you can whitelist these so you continue to see ads when you visit them.

    Keylogger Protection (Windows Only)
    Automatically stops keyloggers from recording your keystrokes on your Windows PC, helping to protect your passwords, bank details and other confidential information when you enter them on your keyboard.

    Additional Features
    Tools to enhance your security, device performance & digital experiences.

    File Shredder (Windows Only)
    Allows you to irreversibly wipe files from your personal computer. Which means that once you delete a file using this method, it will be gone from your system for good and there will be no sign that it ever existed.

    Gamer Mode (Windows Only)
    Allows you to manage your kids screen time by device, blocking it once the time limit you've set is exceeded. Plus you can schedule reports on the way your kids use their devices so you can identify areas of concern.

    Fast & Light Security
    Puts 15% less drag on your PC and scans for threats off your devices so it doesn't hog your resources. So protection is simple to install on your old devices as well as your new ones, and it won't slow you down.

    Device Security Dashboard
    From your MyKaspersky account allows you to configure individual features and settings. Making it easy for you to manage your security from anywhere you can get online.

    System Requirements:
    • Supported OS: Windows 10   Windows 8.1   Windows 8   Windows 7   Mac OS X (All)
    • Processor Format: 32 bit
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • Hard Disk: 1 GB
    • Additional Requirements: IE 9 or higher; .Net Framework 4 or higher.

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