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Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2016 DVD 16 Core DSP OEM
    Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2016 DVD 16 Core DSP OEM
    Purchase Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2016 DVD 16 Core DSP OEM
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      Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2016 DVD 16 Core DSP OEM

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    This product is OEM Software. OEM software cannot be used as an upgrade; any previous or trial versions of the software must be uninstalled before installing an OEM. The packaging is installation CD & Product Key/Serial Number, no box. OEM Software does not come with installation support from the manufacturer.

    Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition is the newest base version of the low virtualized software built for high traffic container environments. This innovative software focuses on providing a high level of flexibility of use and control to businesses in need of a solution to manage cloud-ready workloads with more ease. Windows Server 2016 also helps to prevent malicious attacks against your system with a strengthened security suite that also detects any suspicious activity as a preventative measure. Users can change existing applications into cloud-ready solutions and help developers to create new apps using containers, microservices, and the new Nano Server. Your data center can be run with an automated and resilient operating system and will have access to many of the same cloud-efficient features found in Microsoft Azure data centers.

    With Windows Server 2016 Standard, users gain access to features such as server virtualization, storage, software-defined networking, web application platforms, server management and automation, information protection, virtual desktops, and much more. One of Microsoft's newest features with 2016 is Nano Server, a headless installation option for Windows Server 2016, and has a 93% lower VHD size than Windows Server.

    Security built-in at the start 
    Reduce risk with multiple layers of security right in the operating system for on-premises and cloud protection. 

    Ready for the cloud when you are 
    Easily make the move to the cloud with Hyper-V-the same hypervisor used by Azure. 

    Low storage costs 
    Build highly available, scalable software-defined storage solutions at a fraction of the cost. 

    Enable application innovation 
    Realize the benefits of using containers for applications-with little or no code changes. 

    New cloud licensing benefits 
    Create new virtual machines in Azure and save up to 50 percent with the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. 

    • Disaster Recovery - Automatic secure offsite data backup 
    • Increased application uptime through multi-site failover clustering 
    • Flexible and cost-effective data storage 
    • Combine on-premises servers with cloud on your terms 
    • Virtualize your applications to decrease costs and increase flexibility 
    • Windows Server Standard 2016 requires CALs, which are not included with this product

    Processor performance depends not only on the clock frequency of the processor, but also on the number of processor cores and the size of the processor cache. 

    System Requirements:
    • Minimum hard drive space: 32 GB
    • Minimum memory: 512 MB
    • Minimum processor speed: 1.4 GHz

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