Macrium MAL Workstation Annual Plan with Premium Support – 5 Workstations B-SWSNA-IYP24-1V-01


Macrium MAL Workstation Bundles
Macrium Site Manager enables backup, restore and monitoring of multiple networked computers running Macrium Reflect using a Web browser user interface. Macrium Workstation bundles offer a cost effective way of protecting multiple networked Workstations across your organization.

Workstation licenses can only be installed and used via Macrium Site Manager.

Macrium Agent Licenses
Macrium Agent Licences (MALs) are installed on the Site Manager Server and each license provides a number of seats. These seats are automatically assigned to computers as they are connected to the Site Manager server. If a computer is removed from the Site Manager server, the seat is freed for use elsewhere. This makes using MALs quick and easy to use as they require no special client configuration. Multiple seats can be managed with a single key, making key and license management easier.

The drawback of these licenses are that they are dependent on communication with a Site Manager server – if the client computer cannot contact the Site Manager server, the agent cannot be used to perform backups as a standalone edition of Reflect could.

Macrium Site Manager
Site Manager enables backup, restore and monitoring of multiple networked computers running Macrium Reflect technology. The Site Manager server is installed as a Windows service on a server computer and may be accessed using a web browser user interface. Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and IE 11.

A Macrium Agent is installed on each remote computer which then communicates via TCP/IP to a single installed instance of the Macrium Site Manager Server. This service also exposes an HTTP/HTTPS server service on a configurable port which enables web browser sessions to manage the Macrium Agent installed computers.

The Site Manager Server service can be installed on any single networked PC or Server. Both Domain and Workgroup networks are supported.


Macrium MAL Workstation Features:

The Dashboard page shows a fixed set of warning tiles at the top, to indicate whether there are any items of concern in the Site Manager deployment and a number of different widgets to monitor the status of the Site Manager and connected computers. The overall layout of widgets and the configuration of each widget is stored on a per-user basis, so different users can set up their Dashboards in different ways.

Setup Pages
These pages are grouped under the ‘Setup’ heading in Site Manager and contain all the setup and configuration steps for Scheduling Centrally Managed Backups.

The Computers page manages the connected client computers of the Management Console and provides tools to add, remove and configure them.

Backup Definitions
The Backup Definitions page contains definitions of what and how computers should be backed up. These definitions can be run manually or scheduled to run automatically:

Schedules describe when backups should be run and the rules behind retention of backups.

Repositories are locations which backup data is saved and managed. The repositories page can be used to create, manage and browse the contents of repositories.

Scheduled Activity
The scheduled activity page controls all regularly scheduled backups and remote syncs defined by the other setup pages. This page can be used to schedule a backup definition to backup to a repository according to a schedule.



Remote Restore
The Restore page allows image stored in repositories to be remotely restored onto a managed computer in a simple manner.

Rescue Media
This page is used to create and manage rescue media for disaster recovery.


Other Tasks
These pages contain functions outside of setting up automated backups, restoring images or configuring Site Manager.

The Verification Page
This page is used to verify the integrity of any backup images stored in your repositories.

The View Logs Page
The View Logs page is used to review backup history and gives access to all backup logs on connected computers.

The View Event Log Page
The event log contains a log of all the actions that have been taken in Site Manager and can be used to help review activity and audit the system.

The Licenses Page
The Licenses page is used to display license information for connected clients and allow management of Macrium Agent Licenses to enable clients without standalone Macrium Reflect installed to be licensed and managed.

The Settings Page
The Settings page contains settings for security, third-party integration and controls for features such as notifications.

Macrium MAL Workstation System Requirements:

  • Windows operating system from Windows 7 and later, 32 or 64 bit.
  • The Agent which runs on managed computers can be installed on any Windows operating system from Windows XP Service Pack 3 onwards.
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