Macrium SiteDeploy Core License plus 50 Endpoints B-SSDEP-IY000-1L


Deploy with Confidence and Unlock Efficiency – The Power of SiteDeploy

In a digitally transforming world, SiteDeploy is the imaging and deployment software your organization needs to meet its everyday IT challenges. Designed with the modern hybrid work environment in mind, SiteDeploy can bridge the gap between complexity and efficiency. With SiteDeploy, deploying remotely to a wide array of devices, from laptops and PCs to servers, becomes a streamlined task, tailored for today’s dynamic organizational demands.

Simplified Image Deployment: Minimize Errors, Maximize Productivity with Less Expertise Required

Macrium SiteDeploy makes OS imaging and deployment across your network simpler and more reliable. It significantly reduces complexity and automates complex tasks, like connecting from boot media and automating post-deployment first-time configuration. This helps to reduce mistakes enabling you to delegate your OS image deployment processes with confidence.

Boost The Speed and Efficiency Of Your Remote Deployments

Macrium SiteDeploy speeds Windows OS imaging and deployment by enabling you to remotely manage many computers as if they were one. Its automated processes significantly reduce the time and costs associated with imaging and deployment, ensuring your operations run smoothly and quickly.

Uniform Image Deployment Across Dissimilar Hardware

Macrium SiteDeploy stands out among OS deployment tools for its ability to handle different types of computer hardware with ease. It can ensure that when you deploy software, the process is smooth and the results are the same, regardless of discrepancies/variables in your hardware setup. This makes your IT deployments more straightforward and dependable with our OS deployment tool.

Accurate Deployments With Precision Imaging

Macrium SiteDeploy’s high-precision imaging ensures each deployment is true to your original golden image. It uses advanced sector-level imaging for this accuracy, making sure every deployment is a faithful copy. This attention to detail means you can trust your installations to be as intended, offering peace of mind and simplifying the verification process.

What SiteDeploy Can Do For You

SiteDeploy has been carefully designed to solve the everyday image deployment challenges your IT team faces. It offers a robust platform that simplifies and accelerates OS deployment and addresses the problems experienced in a wide range of organizations. From businesses where compliance is key, to government, healthcare and other security conscious environments. SiteDeploy’s intuitive dashboard, powerful boot media and one-touch system deployment redefine the efficiency of IT management.

  • Effortless one-touch system deployment across locations, monitor and manage from your desk.
  • Resetting multiple machines back to a trusted known state simplifies support and can help recover from ransomware in minutes.
  • Rapidly provision bare metal machines or roll out OS upgrades at scale.


System Requirements and Installation:

  • Macrium SiteDeploy can be installed on all 64-bit Windows operating systems Windows 7 and later.
  • We support creating golden images of any Windows operating system Windows XP Service Pack 3 and onwards, although, images can be created of any offline operating system.
  • Auto-injection of drivers in the restored operating system by Macrium ReDeploy is only supported by Windows operating systems, Windows Vista/Server 2008, and above.
  • Injection of Sysprep Answer Files into the deployed operating systems is supported by any Windows operating system that also supports running Sysprep.
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    Macrium SiteDeploy Core License plus 50 Endpoints B-SSDEP-IY000-1L